Thanks for joining the forum, we have put a lot of work into making this place as useful as possible.
If you are a registered member you can see that we have incorporated some nice features that we think you will find useful.
The goal is that we can help each other with repairs and finding help to keep our amplifiers working perfectly. I hope that those with extensive knowledge will join in and help younger hams by sharing tips and advice.

Some Forum features:

1) You have access to a personal database for storing all your equipment's model numbers, serial numbers etc. This is completely private system and allows you to have a record of your equipment no matter were you are. So if your looking at a Rig at a Hamfest or a friends house and want to know if what is in front of you is a newer unit than the one you have at home you can access this website from your phones web browser and see exactly what serial number your unit has.

2) Parts Search engine that looks at dozens of different vendors and presenting the information right in front of you. (It does not work for RF-Parts so tubes are not guaranteed to show results)

3) A files section for uploading and downloading Firmware, PDF files, photos etc.

4) A very detailed review section, that will allow amplifier owners to rate the amplifiers over various criteria.

We have requested that all members use their real call sign. We feel it's in the best interest of the forum that everyone is playing on a level playing field and no one is an anonymous poster.