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    THP HC-200AT & Icom

    Hello All

    I am looking for an interface cable to connect my IC-7200 to a THP HC-200AT.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Donnie

    I don't think you can buy one but it is very easy to just make your own.
    Page 5 of the HC-200AT Manual shows you the wiring diagram for Icoms.
    If you do not have the the manual it is on

    The connector for the radio can be bought on ebay.

    The other two connectors to the tuner seem to be very common kind but I don't have a HC-200AT in front of me to see exactly what it is. One of them is the same one your using for the power input, the other one you will have to look up.


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    Thanks Rob.

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