For some reason on certain browser when a post is created it will try to default the text editor to one that does not work on all browsers.

A fix for this is simple one time operation. Change your default editor to use the Enhanced WYSWIG editer

To change the settings

Go to SETTINGS at the the top of the forums home page

On the left side you will See "MY Settings" and down further "My Account"

Scroll down to "MY ACCOUNT" and pick "General Settings"

Under General settings you can change a lot of your account info and the way things look.

You will see an option "MISCELLANEOUS OPTIONS" and one of the options is "Message Editor Interface"

Select the "Enhanced Full WYSWIG Editor" and then scroll down to the bottom and press "SAVE"

By default all users who subscribe should be set to using the WYSWIG Editor but for some reason it does not always happen.