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    THP HL-2KFX Schematic diagram

    I have a Tokyo Hy-Power HL-2KFX which has developed a fault. I only have a home-printed copy version of the manual and the quality is not great. Does anyone happen to have a high resolution version of this schematic circuit diagram or know where such a thing can be found?The fault first showed itself as a blown glass fuse on one of the PA modules, with the corresponding 'FUSE' warning light illuminated on the front panel. This amplifier has a total of 8 Motorola MRF150 transistors,arranged in two separate modules, 4 per module.When the fuse was replaced and a small amount of drive power applied (25w) to the amplifier, the 'O.DRIVE' (over drive) warning lamp illuminated.Has anyone with experience of this model amplifier ever encountered anything similar?All help or suggestions as to where the problem might lie greatly appreciated. Iain MM0TFU

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    Just a quick update to this post. The initial problem was a blown fuse on one of the 4 boards on one module. The second issue was down to a bad connection on the foot switch and nothing to do with the amplifier at all. When I connected it back up after replacing the fuse I never noticed the bad foot switch connection and assumed the worst . All is now back up and running as before.From what I've read, it appears that Tokyo Hy-Power never released any service manuals or circuit diagrams for this amplifier (and probably most of their other amplifiers too)

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