Through a dumb mistake I killed my CPU and my amp was running FW Ver 1.5DI would really like to get a copy of Ver 1.5D to run in the amp again. In the meantime I saw Versions 1.5a ...1.5C and 1.5E available for download so I downloaded C and E.We did try Ver 1.5E but when the amp booted up it gave a message about a voltage higher than spec and recommended to change a tap on the transformer. Not wanting to do that..... the chip was uploaded with Version 1.5C and this booted up fine and the amp works as it should.It does give a ERR message if I activate the Auto switch but as there is no cable connected to the CONT socket, I wondered if this was normal for this C version.Also when manually changing band selections, a TRCK message pops up monetarily between changing the previous band and displaying the new band .Not sure what "TRCK" means... any clues??Anyway I hope this info might help someone else in the future.CheersRick VK4HF